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Cecchetti Classical Ballet

Classical ballet is the most important training technique used to assist in dance development. In fact Classical ballet strengthens and improves technique and overall dance quality in all styles of dance. A student studying classical ballet will gain poise, grace, body alignment, flexibility, musicality, skill, discipline, creativity and confidence. Classical ballet requires discipline and commitment, but is extremely rewarding. Once a dancer has mastered this wonderful art, the dance options are endless.

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Our jazz program is a mixture of many things that just keeps evolving – cabaret, musicals, film, video clips and ballet. Influences include: Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Bob Fosse & Michael Jackson. From Broadway to Hip Hop, Jazz incorporates just about anything.


Hip-hop is a dance style, usually danced to hip-hop music that evolved from street/pop culture. The first dance associated with hip-hop was breakdancing. While breakdancing consists primarily of moves executed close to the ground, the majority of hip-hop moves are done standing up. Hip-hop is high energy and loads of fun.


Tap is back and cooler than ever with a new style, ‘street tap’. With its origins going back to to 19th century America the style evolved from African and Irish American dance forms. Tap Dance sky rocketed through the early and mid 20th Century, only to be re-imagined in the 80’s by the multi talented singer, actor and dancer Gregory Hines. Today, a new generation of tappers has emerged with Australia’s own Dein Perry taking it to a new level.


Contemporary dance pushes the boundaries of dance. It is a highly technical form, requiring alignment, balance, coordination, control, flexibility, strength and stamina. It can follow conventional rules or be completely ground-breaking. A strong background in classical is essential for this genre.


Acrobatics is the performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility, tricks and motor coordination. It also enhances the wonder and freedom of movement.

We follow the Acrobatics Arts Syllabus. 


Creative drama uses a variety of activities to develop spontaneity, imagination, focus, confidence, verbal, physicality. Stagecraft drama places an emphasis on vocal projection and clarity, acting techniques, text as the basis for characterisation, and physical staging

Dancers aged 3 and Under

A creative movement program introducing the smallest student to the wonderful world of dance. Developing Flexibility, Range of motion, Coordination, Stamina, Physical strength and confidence.

Dancers aged 4 to 6 Years

Dancers of this age give children the opportunity to learn dance skills in a safe and social environment. They learn to understand and value taking turns, working as a team, sharing, respecting whilst building independence and gaining confidence. You’ll find our Kids Dance Classes near you, right here in Somerville.

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