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“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” – Martha Graham

Whether You want to dance for fun and exercise or because you aspire to greatness ,

Dance lab is the place to be.

On the whole, Dance Lab provides an excellent environment for dancers of all ages to truly develop their skills. In fact our Dance School will develop technique & confidence as well as expertise to maximise their enjoyment of dance.

Additionally under the guidance of fully qualified professional instructors, students are able to pursue their love of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Pilates/Stretch or Pre School Dance. Consequently, here at Dance Lab we pride ourselves on the results its teachers and students have achieved.

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As shown below:

  • Winner and place holder at Ballet Teachers Workshop
  • Beachside Dance Festival aggregate 2013
  • First place Championships at Phoenix Dance Festival.
  • Number one Championships at Warragul Dance Festival.
  • Winner of Scholarships at SFD Dance Competitions
  • Past students have been accepted into VCA, Patricks Full Time, Spectrum Full Time, Kelly Aykers Full Time, Ministry of Dance Full Time.
  • Current students accepted in the following extentions programmes - Melbourne City Youth Ballet, Scimm Platforms Youth Company, Transit Origins Company, Cecchetti Scholars, Spark Youth Dance Company, Dance Prescription and Opera Australia.
  • Winner and place holders of many Cecchetti Ballet Awards
  • 100% Pass Rate in Examinations including top marks in Cecchetti and Southern Federation of Dance Examinations
  • Been selected to perform at the Disney Parade in California

Therefore if you are passionate about dance, love performing and above all, wish to learn in a safe, fun and happy environment, then Dance Lab is the place for you. Come and Join Us.

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Studio: 2/36 Guelph St, Somerville
T: 5977 6568 M: 0409 276 253
E: emily.dancelab@gmail.com


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Mon - Fri
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9am - 5pm